Welcome to our website, now let’s talk about TraX. We are a professional, flexible and reliable forwarding company from the Netherlands active in Europe and Asia. We focus on three services: Transport, Trucking and Rail Cargo 

Regarding transport we can help you for both FTL and LTL, Ambient as Temperature Controlled, across Europe. 

Our clients can rely on us, get value for money and may expect trend setting solutions. 

Dutch roots and knowhow of the European transport market, that is TraX. We are using our experience and expertise in all our operating activities. 

We built a network with our long term partners to expand and complete our international network 

Our team of enthusiastic and experienced employees is working in a no nonsense organisation, driven by quality, efficiency and customer focus using short and clear lines of communication to be proactive to you, our customers and partners. 

We are the right choice for reliable and professional services. 

TraX is founded in 2015, is a new entity that has been established by a group of experienced transport companies.

Dennis Stoelinga

Jeroen ten Kate

Eric van Londen